Sunset Beach Dubrovnik Trattoria

Restaurant Trattoria is one of those places where you can find excellent, quick meal if you felt sudden hunger attack, and even if might be enough, just one kick look at our ‘sweet corner’ will probably pull you up and made you want just one more, sweet bite.

A Trattoria is a well-known place in Dubrovnik, especially for organizing sweet birthday parties, family gatherings or just to stepping by for perfect, quick meal.

The place offers fine Italian cuisine with sweet Croatian twist, and that’s the moment you should really try on your own, enjoying in casual style dining.

Snacks, salads, pasta, tapas, pizzas, barbeque… we’ve got it all, but since our food equally attracts locals and tourists, it’s a good idea to reserve your table, although Trattoria offers many places for even larger groups.

With a seating capacity of 100 people inside and 300 people on the outside terrace, tourists and locals can enjoy together, happy and filled with amazing tastes. But to end such an amazing meal in such a sweet atmosphere, without sweetest bites, it could be a horrible mistake.

Because excellent meal must always finish with an excellent dessert, and that is why our pastry shop must be your next station.

With a rich dessert line of flavorful cakes, cheesecakes, cookies, pastries, and tarts, all made by professional hands of our ‘sweet’ pastry stuff.

Our sweet place works from 08 – 00 h.

And of course, feel free to order a takeout for home, to sweeten up your dreams.

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