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Good food, good drinks, good friends & good times

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We at Sunset Beach Dubrovnik resort nurture the motto „good food, good drinks, good friends & good times“. And all our efforts are focused on providing our guest all of the above. We will make sure you feel that easy mediterranean way of life during your stay in all our facilities, especially in dining and wining areas.

The decoration of our restaurants and bars is modern, clean with distinguished details. We wanted you to feel comfortable, but not too comfortable to draw the attention from the delicacies we prepare and serve to you.

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Summer vibes both on the plates and in the glasses

We put a special emphasis on fresh, locally grown groceries and the quality of their preparation. Our chefs have set up special summer customized menus, featuring light, fresh and tasty bites, best suitable for the beach. You will not want to miss out on our specialties, such as pizza with homemade tomato sauce, meat platter, fresh pastas, delicious pastries from our pastry shop and many other delicacies.

You will probably want to spend hot summer’s days in our bars, as they offer comfy shaded seating and lounging areas. We won’t even be surprised if you decide not to go swimming, but enjoy a coffee, cocktail or good wine with an amazing sea view instead. So if you’re on the hunt for a succulent meal, hot cup of coffee, cold beer, soda, colorful cocktail or top quality wine, bring your appetite and visit our restaurants and bars. We will be happy to have you as our guest!

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