Take a picture in a lovely heart-shaped photo frame!

This morning at Sunset Beach Dubrovnik, next to the slide, which is the landmark of this beach, a special photo frame was installed. A place to take pictures where visitors can catch the many smiles and sunsets at Lapad Bay and share them with each other and on their social media networks. That this is no ordinary frame is a testament to its creation. The frame was made by residents of The Josipovac Rehabilitation Center by sticking stones from this very beach into the shape of a heart which, in addition to love, is the symbol of the Josipovac center itself. It was the frame makers who today had the opportunity to take their first photo with their work, after which they enjoyed fun and playing together on the beach.

“The heart symbol is presented in a special way by our users who play a significant role as community builders. The heart is not only the logo of our institution, but also the language we speak best. We would like to thank Sunset Beach Dubrovnik for giving a significant role to our residents in its creative project of making a heart frame that will perpetuate the smile of numerous visitors. They are immensely proud and look forward to seeing their contributions in making the frame result in numerous photographs. Love recorded in a photo made with the love of a resident at the Josipovac Rehabilitation Center.”, said Jelena Đuraš Gleđ, executive director of the Josipovac Rehabilitation Center.

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