Excellent way to spend a romantic hour in the sunset!

Many tourists from all around the world who comes to Dubrovnik, usually focus their trip around famous Old Town. It’s normal and expectable, but it’s not the whole Dubrovnik.

If you plan to stay few days, you must explore, not just Dubrovnik surroundings but Dubrovnik itself and its modern sights – like a bridge, port and of course – Lapad – large peninsula where most of the tourist life in the city takes place, along the Old town.

Because most of hotels and resorts are located here at the peninsula Lapad, where you can find lots of other possibilities for modern, active life and fun. Like a town on its own, so near the Old town, with one more trump – beautiful coastline among entire northern and western side of the peninsula.

Beautiful to walk all the way to the Old town.

Lapad is a relatively new part of Dubrovnik, with houses mostly built in the late 1960s and 1970s, but from the beginning of 20th century started a hotel era, and since today it’s one of the most important parts of Dubrovnik touristic offer.

Most of the hotels are located on Babwestern and around Lapad Bay, a place hidden on the wester side, where you can enjoy one of the most beautiful sunsets. Especially if you decide to come to the beach, Sunset Beach Dubrovnik, and experience the romance of your life.

Enjoying in ancient view that swarms this coast for millenniums, with modern beach facilities, so near the famous Dubrovnik Old Town.

What more can we offer?

With modern restaurants, beach facilities, phenomenal and distinctive gastronomic offer, tourist doesn’t even have to leave the Lapad.

If you want to find hotel, explore the Lapad. If you want to have lunch, there’s planty of fine restaurants like Long Club and Dining, sweet Restaurant Trattoria, fine dining Restaurant Kantenari, and of course, modern Beach bar, place where you can have fun waiting for that spectacular sunset moment.

And maybe, who knows, maybe romantic Lapad beach walk would be the reason for marriage, and for that special day you can also have your wonderfull sunset wedding.

At Sunset Beach Dubrovnik everything is possible.

All thanks to Lapad and its fantastic Lapad Bay.

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