Best day at the best beach, with sunset you will immediately fall in love with
Imagine your deserved free day somewhere on the beach. A perfect beach where everything is just as you have always dreamed off.

Imagine ….

What would you prefer?

To be ‘perfect practic’ with everything you need from ideal beach?

That everything is nicely decorated, clean, spacious, with a light entrance into the crystal clear sea, with a perfect view and fine, soft sand?

Cozy deck chair is already waiting, and the waiter is close for dealing with your morning hunger, with a wonderful view of the peaceful bay. Until the day enters the afternoon, you are filling it with complete pleasure, bathing in the sea and enjoying in luxurious surrounding.

Sounds like a perfect day. But, since we are talking about dreams, something is missing, right? .. So let’s back to them.

Imagine the view of crystal sea kissing still warm sand, the landscaped paths which leads you from one fun point to another, just waiting for you to discover new ways of glamorous relaxing. With cozy and lovely private Cabanas where you can hide, relax or even enjoy in fabulous lunch from nearby local restaurants.

sunset beach dubrovnik bar view

The site itself is already enough to feed, but it still calls to try a lot of other dreamy details for complete fulfilling body and soul.

And of course, what a perfect beach would be if it did not have an unforgettable sunset. Not just for look, but the feeling that, just because of it, you began one with it, the part of that unmistakable nature beauty. In colors you can only fall in love with for the rest of your life.

To the end of the perfect day, on the perfect beach.

And when you wake up, you know, that place exists. So if you’re looking for the best beaches in Europe, look for Lapad Bay, the best beach in Dubrovnik with the best sunset you can experience.

And that is the biggest true proven with the name of best beaches in Dubrovnik – Sunset Beach.

Place where dreams really come true.

What more you can want from the best beach in Dubrovnik?

sunset beach dubrovnik bar photo
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