Sunset Beach Dubrovnik – Beach time is yet to come and here are at least 5 good reason to prove it!

For everyone who thinks that beaches are attractive only at hot summer days, has never spent time on a beach on a colder weather. Those are maybe times when you can’t take advantages of swimming and water activities, but with less people on it, beaches really can offer you fun and memorable experience. Of course, not every beach can be called perfect place for autumn, but one special beach in Dubrovnik really deserves that luxury label.

Sunset Beach Dubrovnik, located on the Shetalishte Kralja Zvonimira 17 in a fairy Lapad bay, shows all the glory that is hidden behind it’s glory name – but as much as extraordinary sunsets are most picturesque invitation, Sunset Beach can offer you many more excellent facilities that will keep you on the beach all day. Even in autumn.

Sunset beach dubrovnik croatia best beaches
Sunset Beach Dubrovnik Croatia

After you fall in love with another beautifully painted sunset, which is why the beach deserves that attractive name, thanks to the beach amenities, your party can be extended for late night hours.

So, beside the sunset that everyone deserve to experience at least once in a lifetime, these are 5 more reasons to come on the beach. Not just in a summer time:

Walk and relax – after a romantic walk along the entire beach, relax in one of many private cabanas placed along the beach where you will find your own private paradise.

Perfect food – after crowd summer now is the best time to enjoy in peaceful wine and dine, at ours bars and restaurant. Visit Sunset Lounge Club & Dining, restaurants Kantenari or Trattoria, or relax at cute Beach Bar, overlooking the marvelous panorama of Uvala bay.

Extraordinary events
– you can spend time on the beach alone, but if you need to organise an event or you are invited to one of them, make sure to take all advantage of the beach facilities.

Unforgettable incentives and bussiness/congress activities – relax and enjoy, let us worry about the details, even if you are coming on Sunset Beach Dubrovnik to do business meetings, organise congress or incentives.

Say ‘I do’ – with all the amenities on the beach, and this famous sunset, Sunset Beach Dubrovnik became a place where many couples in love wanted to tie their knot. So be of on them and organise your wedding day ate this perfectly romantic ambience.

So, who needs hot days to spent perfect day at the beach? In Dubrovnik, no one!

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