5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Visit Sunset Beach Dubrovnik

Summer time is here. It’s time for great parties, an even better time for relaxing on the beach, for creating unique summer memories. You are trying to find a great place, but you are not sure if Sunset Beach Dubrovnik is really one of Croatia best beaches, and why you should visit this place. Let’s see some reasons why you should(n’t) visit Sunset beach Dubrovnik – maybe it will make your decision easier!

You don’t really care about Croatia’s best beaches

Who would be impressed by the turquoise sea at one of the best beaches in Croatia? Who would want to swim in the sea warm enough to stay in for hours, and cool enough to feel refreshed from the midday sun? Who would be in love with crystal clear sea, far away from all stress, but so close to the Old City of Dubrovnik. Have you met that strange person who would enjoy this?

You are not a fan of epic sunsets

Maybe pictures on Instagram with hashtag #sunset can be boring when you are in the office. But we challenge you not to take (and share) any pictures of the sunset at Sunset beach Dubrovnik. Don’t be so sure about that statement that you are not a fan of sunsets. Just stop typing on your phone, enjoy the moment and you will see how epic it could be, especially if you are at Sunset Beach Dubrovnik.

You are not into parties

If we might guess, you are not a fan of parties during the summer due to the closed spaces they usually involve. Summertime calls for a distinctive approach to entertainment. You can enjoy good music and great cocktails on the terrace. We are not going to explain it too much, we just have one question: you are in Dubrovnik and you would miss the party at one of Croatia best beaches? Please think twice. Take a look at our previous and upcoming events at Sunset beach before you make the decision.

The many food options are exhausting

We are totally aware that you just want a great food experience, and that you don’t want to spend hours deciding what food option is the best. When it is about Sunset beach in Dubrovnik we can definitely ensure a great food experience. The only thing you need to decide if you want to have a meal at Trattoria – this means Italian cuisine with a Croatian twist or Kantenari – fine dining specialities.

You can’t handle sooooo much fun in the sun

We can understand you. But a little bit of partying never killed anyone! It would be such a shame to miss your cabana time or great parties at one of Croatia best beaches. Last weekend was just perfect: an Aperol caravan visited us and prepared great refreshments for all visitors. The atmosphere was amazing during the World Cup. But we are not going to stop with the fun, because we are preparing much more.

The sceptic inside you is calm now, right 😊 ? You know that Sunset Beach Dubrovnik is always a good idea – and you are more than welcome!

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