Beach & Cabanas

Beach & Cabanas

The sunshine is calling your name

Sunset beach is located in heavenly bay named Uvala Lapad (also called Sumratin bay). It is the largest beach in town, sunbathed throughout the whole day, with pebbles on the sunbathing area and fine sand in the sea. With an easy access to sea, it is ideal for all kinds of visitors; families with children, elderly and young people. It is also good to mention that the beach is wheelchair accessible. Beach features all necessary facilities, such as outdoor showers, men, women and disabled toilette facilities with indoor showers with hot water, and dressing rooms.

Also, there is a wooden walkway accross the beach, which can be useful in the summer months when the sand and pebbles get surprisingly hot. The entire area is cover with complimentary high speed Wi-Fi with excellent signal strength. The swimming area is protected with a safety line from sailing boats and sea scooters which usually pass nearby, so you can enjoy the benefits of the sea without a care in the world. For visitors’ safety and maintenance of hygienic standards pets are not allowed. Our staff is doing daily cleaning and tidying up of the beach.

Settle into your
corner of paradise!

Why struggle to carry unnecessary equipment? Sunset beach is equipped with more than 400 deckchairs and parasoles available for half-day or full-day rental at affordable prices. So come to our beach careless, make sure you have your bathing suit, towel and sunscreen. We will take care the rest. We completely understand if you feel extra lazy spending time on the deckchairs.

Our beach catering service is there if you feel the need for a cold refreshment to quench the thirst, or if you wish to order someting from our menu. To make your stay at the Sunset beach the most comfortable, we also provide massage service. Simply contact our staff for more info about all available types of massage, prices and other information.

After the spectacular show of sun setting behind the nearby reefs into the sea depths, at dusk, you will get to see the other face of the beach and the entire resort... illuminated in playful colors of ambiance lights. Come to Sunset beach, and become one with the Adriatic Sea when you sink your toes in the pristine fine sand and feel the white wave-caps caress your feet..

Dive in hedonism!

Lay back, relax and enjoy your private hideaway in our cabanas! There is no better way to enjoy the beach than being pampered by our helpful staff in a cozy environment of the cabanas. You are welcome to choose any food and drinks from our menu, read a book, or simply dift to sleep when beach fatigues sets in, sheltered from the warm sunshine and looks of other visitors. Sunset Beach offers lounging in15breezy cabanas located in lounge area and on the beach.

Along with the shelter from the sun, we offer services to suit your every summer whim and desire. Stay comfortable with our bottle service, fresh fruits and privacy curtains. Cabanas will especially appeal to couples looking for more comfort and privacy. They are available for half-day and full-day rental, ideally for two people. Due to high demand, we advise our guests to make a reservation ahead of time so we could guarantee their rental. We also offer package deals.


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